Members of the Westminster choir look on while the Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve


Sunday Worship

The people of Westminster UCC gather for heartfelt worship service every Sunday at 10:30. We reflect the values we hold dear: inclusiveness, love and compassion as shown to us in the love of Jesus.


ChildrenWorshipPastor Andy meets with the kids during the “Children’s Sermon” portion of the serviceThe Sunday Worship Service is a lot like us: it is a diverse blending  of contemporary and traditional words, a rich blending of modern and classic music styles, a blend of personal and community prayer, a blend of new ideas and re-interpretations of old ideas, a blend of provoking message and encouraging message.


We strive to find meaning in our age of change, responding to God’s call, believing the deep mystery in your heart speaks truth of – our Still Speaking God!


Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your faith journey!


Come in, sit down, sing out, greet one another, share concerns, smile and laugh, give thanks and be at home.


Other Services

AshWedAttendees apply ashes to each other’s foreheads during our Ash Wednesday service.

Sunday mornings aren’t the only time we gather together in worship. Throughout the year, we hold other services of celebration and remembrance:

  • We join together on Christian holidays like Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday, and Good Friday.
  • We also gather during those times that necessitate the sharing of joy or sorrow (For instance, we held a service in celebration of the passage of Referendum 74).

These services are always advertised ahead of time both in our newsletter and bulletins and also on our website. Please refer to these sources for dates and times.




 It’s Not Always Indoors!

Our worship services don’t always occur within a building. At least once during the summer, we move our Sunday service to nearby Cowley Park and take advantage of the beauty outdoors. We also worship as a group when Westminster goes to Camp N-Sid-Sen for our family camp in September.



Deacons Hazel Kotlan and Steve Paulson serve communion to Roger Stephens during our worship service in Cowley Park



Participants during our annual worship
service in Cowley Park.


camp worship1

Members of Westminster and Colville UCC worship together at Camp N-Sid-Sen





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