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Hi - Thanks for your curiosity about us.


As you may have noticed, we here at Westminster have a grand old building…it is quite historic, being the first church in Spokane.


But that doesn’t mean we are old fashioned or stuffy! 


come on inDon’t be nervous – come on in and join us for worship! No matter who you are, or where you are on your faith journey, you are definitely welcome here!

When you come through our old wooden doors on a Sunday morning, you may see a lot of stained glass and great architecture, but the people you will meet will be dressed casually, they will be laughing and relaxed and welcoming. They may have a tag that says, “Deacon” with their name on it, these good folks can help you out with any questions, from “where is the bathroom? (down the hall)” to, “where is the Activity Room for the little ones? (around the corner from the bathrooms)” to, “where do I sit? (wherever you feel most comfortable)”. They may lead you to a cup of coffee or tea.  A Deacon will probably hand you a “bulletin”, which includes the titles of our songs, the words of prayers that we share aloud together and the flow of what we do together in worship most Sundays.


kids sermonWe love kids! Pastor Andy usually meets with all of the children each Sunday during her Children’s Sermon

When you join us on Sunday you will see old people and young people, straight and gay and transgender people, people with little kids, single adults, college students. You may sit next to someone who has been going to church all their life, or someone who is trying out progressive Christianity for the first time. Many of us come from different faith traditions (Mormon, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Agnostic, B’hai, Unitarian to name a few) and many of us come from no religious background at all. We come together in a spirit of love, of openness and hospitality. We believe this is what Jesus did, and we follow his example.


Except in the summer, we have a choir that likes to sing inspiring music to us, and our funny and brilliant choir director keeps us all guessing at what we might hear next. We sing 3 or 4 times during the service, sometimes they are hymns from the church’s past, sometimes it is brand new music we learn together. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to. You don’t have to join in the prayers we say aloud together. We don’t require you to give money when we take our “offering for the work of the church”. We want you to feel comfortable and safe, relaxed and welcomed.


passingpeaceThe “Passing of the Peace” is a favorite time during our worship service – it reminds us how connected we are to each other.

We have one particularly lively moment in worship, when many folks will get up and leave their pew to greet those around them with “the peace of Christ”. You don’t have to move from your spot, simply shake the hands of those who come to you.


Pastor Andy preaches weekly, unless we have a visitor or guest. She relies on both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and seeks to “unpack” them for people living in our highly mobile, busy, uncertain world.


Once a month Pastor Andy leads us in sharing the bread and the cup of Jesus in “Communion”. Our Communion Table is an open table; everyone is welcome. Jesus excluded no one, neither do we.


Please feel free to ask questions, at any time, of any of us, at Westminster UCC. We encourage questions!


And we want you to feel welcome in our lively community of faithful, questioning, seeking, struggling, loving people!

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