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At Westminster, we view our action mission as having two distinct parts – both equally important. One mission is to be of service to our downtown neighbors and our community. That work is done by the Serving Our Neighbors committee. The other action mission is about working toward changing policies that harm our neighbors and community and developing and passing policies that help our neighbors and our community. That is the work of WestCAT.



The name WestCAT stands for Westminster Christian Action Team. As the name implies it is a vehicle for taking action in accordance with our Christian values.  Getting bad policies changed and good policies developed and passed is generally work that is too big for one institution to do by itself. That is why we work with the Spokane Alliance. They connect us with allies who share our interest in the common good of our community.


The Spokane Alliance

Westminster is a proud member and supporter of The Spokane Alliance because it upholds and serves the very human values we hold dear. Our very own Pastor Andy served for two years, recently, as its President.


The Spokane Alliance is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of congregations, unions, school and community groups in Spokane County representing over 20,000 adults.


The Alliance is driven by the belief that these institutions must be strong because they are the cornerstones of a democratic society who hold the potential to build strong families, healthy communities and a just world.


Therefore, the Spokane Alliance has three primary goals:

  • Strengthen each member organization; by fostering organizational cultures that are relational, action-oriented and reflective.
  • Develop local leadership to build capacity in our city to take responsibility for solving the problems in our own communities and renew the interest of citizens in public life.
  • Serve as a vehicle for member groups to act in the public arena with sufficient power for the common good.

WestCAT and the Spokane Alliance members  have experienced some heartwarming victories like the Passing of the 1.1 Billion Dollar Jobs Bill. To learn more visit the  Spokane Alliance website and Facebook page.



 Working Together For Change 

 WestCAT and Spokane Alliance members show off their “I Voted” buttons after taking their city election ballots downtown


  Spokane Alliance members at a Listening and Action Assembly at Westminster.


WestCAT and Spokane Alliance members in the Washington Senate along with members of the Sound Alliance and our legislators.

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