Jam for Bread

 Update:  Jam for Bread was retired in 2019.



With the help of several Westminster folks, emcee Verne Windham begins the drawing for the gift baskets. Westminster raised over $2600 for Crosswalk. (Click to expand)


Jam for Bread upholds Westminster’s longstanding tradition of giving. We take seriously the call to care for our neighbors.  To that end we saw an opportunity to make a real difference  – by helping Crosswalk make a difference in the lives of kids living on the streets.


Crosswalk Teen Shelter was founded in 1985 and  is devoted to providing a way to break the youth homelessness cycle by providing emergency housing – a safe place to sleep off the streets, and some much needed nourishment in the way of a healthy meal. They also provide life skills training and GED classes and coaching to help these kids get a shot at continuing their education and increasing their opportunity at employment.


Jam for Bread is just one of the ways that Westminster assists Crosswalk, but it is by far one of the most entertaining ways to experience local musicians and help raise funds for Crosswalk’s GED program.  GED testing costs real money – so does helping these kids get their birth certificates – which they must present in order to take the exam. The concert this past year raised a little over $2,600.00.


How Can You Help?

Jam for Bread is Looking for a Few Good Volunteers



Some of the gift baskets raffled off at this year’s Jam for Bread. (Click to expand)

Those Raffle Baskets are a work in progress all year long. So if you read a good book this summer, you could help by picking up an extra copy and donating it to the ―Book & Library basket.  There will be a ―Baking basket, so if you come across a baking BOGO sale (buy one, get one free)  you could help by donating the free one.  If you are an Artist or Crafter,  you could help by donating a piece of Art or a special Handcrafted item.  Things really kick into gear about 3 months prior to the concert.


You could help by calling performers and securing their services.  You could help with announcements to Community Calendars. You could help produce the Poster.  Once the Posters are printed, you could help by spending an afternoon putting up Posters.  You could help the day of the concert by volunteering to be the ―Lead Volunteer during the concert. You could help with Social Hall and Kitchen clean up immediately after intermission.

Jam for Bread is more than just a benefit concert, its Westminster’s celebration of our values and our covenant with each other and our community.


Please join Jam for Bread’s volunteers and be a part of that celebration.


From Crosswalk

Last year 17 Crosswalk students completed their GEDs.  Crosswalk spent a little over $2,000.00 to pay for birth certificates, IDs and GED tests;  if the same numbers of students complete their GED’s this year we will need more than $3,600.00 to cover their costs.  Without the help of Westminster Church and Jam for Bread we couldn’t have afforded last year’s graduates.  Thank you Westminster and Jam for Bread for helping our kids take one more step toward their dreams.  We hope to see you at this year’s Jam for Bread!

 Bridget Cannon, Director of Youth Services, Crosswalk

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