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Our Church
thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:




Andrea “Andy” CastroLang, Pastor

I am happy to have you meet us here on our website!  I hope it is informative and helpful, and I hope it makes you a little bit curious about us, the people of Westminster UCC.

First off, here’s a brief message I’ve recorded to help introduce us:


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I have been pastor here since 2002 and it is the greatest challenge and opportunity I have ever had as a minister.  My kids and my husband are another challenge entirely!  I have been in ministry of one form or another since 1981.  I went to San Francisco Theological Seminary in CA in the mid-90’s and was ordained on September 27 in 1998: a red letter day for me!  Yes, ministry is indeed my passion!     But I also love to garden, take walks, read books, go camping, and I have recently taken up a new challenge…playing golf with my husband and my grown son.  You are never too old to learn something new!


I love this church, and I love serving this church community as their pastor.  People here are loving and warm, full of diverse ideas, ready to grapple with their own questions about God and Spirit, about Jesus in history and Jesus in the Christian tradition.  People here want to explore how to live an authentic life of love and care, not just for their own, but for the city, the creation, for our whole world.


That means that people at Westminster have lots of love and lots of passions and concerns.

I encourage this passion and energy!  I think this is what a church is meant to be; a place of caring, of welcome, of hope and encouragement to keep on making a difference for good in the world.   And it is just too much to try to do this alone, so we are a community.  And we are encouraged and renewed by one another, and through the power that is greater than we, the power of God.


You can reach me at:  pastorandy@westminsterucc.org  (509) 624-1366 x311


Other Staff

Verne Windham, Choir Director

Verne is funny and brilliant and creative.  He loves to inspire the choir, the rest of us who sing, and even those of us who don’t sing; all of us really enjoy his fun and spiritual personality!  Messages can be left for Verne at 509-624-1366.


Janet Hubbard, Church Musician

Music is the heart of our worship. Janet brings an exhuberent joy that shines through whether accompaning Verne and the Choir, playing for the congregation at quiet times of meditaton, or moving us with the pipe organ.  Messages can be left for Janet at 509-624-1366.


Andréa Reese Hekimian, Office Manager / Bookeeper

She will help you with scheduling, donations, questions about us, or any connections that you need help making!  Office hours  are Tuesday – Friday 9:30 – 2:30 pm.   She can be reached at office@westminsterucc.org


For Publication matters, please email publications@westminsterucc.org or call 509-624-1366 x314 to leave a message.


John Larson, Caretaker and 'go-to' Guy

If you need assistance in the building, let him know.  John works in the evening Tuesday - Thursday and he is here early on Sunday until 2 pm.  If you can’t catch him in person, messages can be left on his voicemail at 509-624-1366 x 316 or by emailing the office at office@westminsterucc.org

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